Vanilla Sky

December 14th, 2001

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Vanilla Sky

Still of Penélope Cruz in Vanilla SkyStill of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in Vanilla SkyJames Marsden at event of Vanilla SkyStill of Tom Cruise in Vanilla SkyStill of Tom Cruise and Penélope Cruz in Vanilla SkyStill of Tom Cruise and Jason Lee in Vanilla Sky

A successful publisher finds his life taking a turn for the surreal after a car accident with a jaded lover.

Release Year: 2001

Rating: 6.9/10 (116,587 voted)

Critic's Score: 45/100

Director: Cameron Crowe

Stars: Tom Cruise, Penélope Cruz, Cameron Diaz

David Aames takes all he has for granted; his wealth, his inherited publishing company, his good looks - his relationships. Especially his relationships. It catches up to him when a friend/sometimes sex-partner can't see their relationship the way he sees it. From that point, the movie takes a Lynchian twist that ultimately and literally pulls us into Aames' tortured psyche.

Writers: Alejandro Amenábar, Mateo Gil

Tom Cruise - David Aames
Penélope Cruz - Sofia Serrano
Cameron Diaz - Julie Gianni
Kurt Russell - McCabe
Jason Lee - Brian Shelby
Noah Taylor - Edmund Ventura
Timothy Spall - Thomas Tipp
Tilda Swinton - Rebecca Dearborn
Michael Shannon - Aaron
Delaina Mitchell - David's Assistant
Shalom Harlow - Colleen
Oona Hart - Lynette
Ivana Milicevic - Emma
Johnny Galecki - Peter Brown
Jhaemi Willens - Jamie Berliner

Taglines: Open Your Eyes


Official Website: Pathé / Wanadoo (Cable/ASDL, Modem) (French) |

Release Date: 14 December 2001

Filming Locations: 108th-96th Street, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $68,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $25,015,518 (USA) (16 December 2001) (2742 Screens)

Gross: $100,614,858 (USA) (28 April 2002)

Technical Specs


Did You Know?

During the pop culture montage scene towards the end of the movie a picture of Nancy Wilson (wife of Cameron Crowe) from Heart can be seen.

Continuity: When David pulls up to his office early on, there are cars parked in front of and behind him. In the next shot, from the side, those cars have disappeared.

[first lines]
Sofía: [in Spanish] Open your eyes.
Sofía: [in English] Open your eyes. Open your eyes. Open your eyes. Open your eyes. Open you...
[David wakes up and pushes the snooze button on his alarm]

User Review

Why people dislike this movie...

Rating: 8/10

I for one really like this movie for some reasons I'll go into late but I want to touch on why I think people don't like it. First off, there are people out there who just like to hate Tom Cruise. I don't understand it really. Second, Cameron Crowe I think successfully p***es off two groups of movie-goers with this film. The casual, relaxed, "not looking to think too hard" group of movie-goers are left confused when the plot takes a complete 180 at the end of the movie. And the deep, philosophical, mystery-fans are devastated when Crowe has one of his characters completely explain the mystery.

This is a good movie. And Tom Cruise does a very good job in it. I think it's probably his best performance from what I've seen all though I haven't seen all of his movies, or even a majority of them probably. The supporting cast is good as well. Penelope Cruz gives a solid performance and Jason Lee was enjoyable.

I like the story, and I think that's what Vanilla Sky is more than anything. It's a mystery, an adventure, and a romantic comedy, but it's mostly just a good story. And it has a lot of philosophical undertones to it, and many similar ideas and stories like this occur in historical philosophy. David Aames (Cruise) is the man that had everything he wanted, more or less lost it, was given a second chance with a catch to regain it all back, and in the end facing his demons and the full scope of what is happening, chooses reality, simplicity, and normality to see if he can finally find the one thing he could never get a grip on: happiness.

Many people were disappointed that Crowe laid out the complete mystery at the end. I think it's necessary. The audience then knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that David is aware of his circumstances and it makes the choice at the end all the more powerful.

And the music in the movie is great. It's probably what makes the movie as enjoyable as it is. Particularly, "Njosnavelin" by Sigur Ros, which is an amazing song.

All in all, I'd give it 3 out 4 stars. It's a movie with some substance for those who like to think things through, and a great story for those looking to relax. That "moderate" approach is probably why people dislike it so much because it isn't a full blown mystery, or a full blown love story. It mixes and matches different elements and genres.

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