Les salauds

October 27th, 2013

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Les salauds

Marco returns to Paris after his brother-in-law's suicide, where he targets the man his sister believes caused the tragedy - though he is ill-prepared for her secrets as they quickly muddy the waters.

Release Year: 2013

Rating: 6.0/10 (245 voted)

Director: Claire Denis

Supertanker captain Marco Silvestri is called back urgently to Paris. His sister Sandra is desperate - her husband has committed suicide, the family business has gone under, her daughter is spiralling downwards. Sandra holds powerful businessman Edouard Laporte responsible. Marco moves into the building where Laporte has installed his mistress and her son. But he hasn't planned for Sandra's secrets, which muddy the waters...

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Filming Locations: Paris, France

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I have always liked Vincent Lindon. He's a truly dedicated actor who gives his one hundred percent best in each of his performances. Although you may appreciate or not the message of the film in which he plays. In every movie, he says that he leaves a part of himself. I believe it.

This feature is quite depressing. The tale of a sailor - Lindon - who returns home because the death - suicide - of his brother in law, and also best friend. A strange, weird film, downbeat story that gives many questions to the audiences. A suffocating atmosphere. It's not a crime flick but a pure drama. I repeat: depressing at the most, at a scale you can't imagine. The audiences in the theatre around me were shocked.

The famous criminal lawyer Eric Dupond Moretti plays here a lawyer character, of course !!!

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