The Crazies

February 26th, 2010

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The Crazies

The CraziesThe CraziesStill of Radha Mitchell in The CraziesStill of Timothy Olyphant and Joe Anderson in The CraziesStill of Radha Mitchell in The CraziesStill of Timothy Olyphant in The Crazies

About the inhabitants of a small Iowa town suddenly plagued by insanity and then death after a mysterious toxin contaminates their water supply.

Release Year: 2010

Rating: 6.6/10 (45,359 voted)

Critic's Score: 55/100

Director: Breck Eisner

Stars: Radha Mitchell, Timothy Olyphant, Danielle Panabaker

As a toxin begins to turn the residents of Ogden Marsh, Iowa into violent psychopaths, sheriff David Dutton tries to make sense of the situation while he, his wife, and two other unaffected townspeople band together in a fight for survival.

Writers: Scott Kosar, Ray Wright

Timothy Olyphant - David
Radha Mitchell - Judy
Joe Anderson - Russell
Danielle Panabaker - Becca
Christie Lynn Smith - Deardra Farnum
Brett Rickaby - Bill Farnum
Preston Bailey - Nicholas
John Aylward - Mayor Hobbs
Joe Reegan - Pvt. Billy Babcock
Glenn Morshower - Intelligence Officer
Larry Cedar - Ben Sandborn
Gregory Sporleder - Travis Quinn
Mike Hickman - Rory Hamill
Lisa K. Wyatt - Peggy Hamill
Justin Welborn - Curt Hammil

Taglines: Fear Thy Neighbor


Official Website: Official site | Official site [France] |

Release Date: 26 February 2010

Filming Locations: Cordele, Georgia, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $20,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $16,067,552 (USA) (28 February 2010) (2 Screens)

Gross: $39,103,378 (USA) (16 May 2010)

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Did You Know?

If you read the graffiti on the jail cell wall, one appears to say "Romero".

Continuity: When they are in the car wash, when Russell is shooting his gun out of the window, you can clearly see and hear his gun drop when David grabs him. Yet in the next scene, he has his gun in his hand again.

[first lines]
Becca Darling: Um, Dr. Dutton, my aunt's in town.
Judy Dutton: Um hmm...
Becca Darling: And she's sick too.
Judy Dutton: Phew, I'm going to need you to stay late tonight. You know, you should probably text your aunt - Scotty - and tell him you can't make it to the baseball game tonight.

User Review

Nothing new here, but so good that it mostly makes up for that

Rating: 8/10

In the last several years we've seen more than a dozen movies about people becoming infected by a virus who then turn on and kill those around them. '28 Days Later' is one of the most popular and also one of the best. Sure the concept was nothing new, but the film was made with enough style and had such strong talent involved that it ended better than just another by-the-numbers outbreak movie. It was a hit and unsurprisingly was followed by a slew of clones, many of which are not really worth your time. One of the earliest examples of this is the 1973 film 'The Crazies' by George Romero, which too spawned a few imitations. Well now with all these popular titles getting remade someone decided this film too was ready for the redux treatment, and though it features little to nothing audiences haven't already seen, it, like '28 Days Later,' is a film made with care and the result is a great time at the movies.

Pros: Though the characters are pretty thin, the actors give strong performances and add some depth to their roles. A pretty good score that keeps one on edge. Perfectly paced, starting slow and then letting loose the rest of the time. Gorgeous photography and country scenery. Some good scary moments. Also some pretty suspenseful sequences. Faithful enough to the original to please fans, while standing on it's own enough that it's not a simple rehash. Some humor here and there to keep things from getting deadly serious.

Cons: If you've seen one virus outbreak movie you've seen them all. Pretty predictable. Doesn't really give us a chance to breath once the pace picks up. Plot wears thin after the characters and premise are established.

Final thoughts: Movie buffs complain that there aren't enough original movies being made in Hollywood, and they're right. And I'm not saying that we shouldn't keep pushing for that, but I don't think we should dismiss every film simply because of it's lack of originality. If it's made by people with a lot of talent who always work hard to try and make a good film then it could be worth seeing. This one here is one heck of a good time at the movies, better than most remakes really. Give it a whirl.

My rating: 4/5

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