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Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Still of Alexandra Daddario in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning ThiefStill of Uma Thurman in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning ThiefLogan Lerman at event of Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning ThiefStill of Rosario Dawson in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning ThiefStill of Alexandra Daddario in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning ThiefStill of Alexandra Daddario in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

A teenager discovers he's the descendant of a Greek god and sets out on an adventure to settle an on-going battle between the gods.

Release Year: 2010

Rating: 5.8/10 (44,910 voted)

Critic's Score: 47/100

Director: Chris Columbus

Stars: Logan Lerman, Kevin McKidd, Steve Coogan

When his lightning bolt is stolen, Zeus accuses Poseidon's son Percy Jackson and gives Poseidon's son fourteen days to return it, otherwise he will initiate a war amongst the gods. Meanwhile the teenager, Percy, who is dyslexic and has ADHD is visiting The Museum of Metropolitan of Art and is attacked by a Fury disguised in his teacher. His crippled best friend Grover reveals that Percy is a demigod and that he is his protector and his teacher Mr Brunner gives him a pen telling him that it is a powerful weapon. They go to Percy's house and together with his mother Sally they drive to the Camp Half-Blood. However Sally is attacked by a Minotaur and vanishes before Percy can help her. In the camp, Percy befriends the gorgeous Annabeth; when they are attacked by Hades who wants the lighting bolt for himself, Percy discovers that his mother is in the Underworld with Hades. Percy decides to travel on a dangerous quest to retrieve the lightning bolt and save his mother...

Writers: Craig Titley, Rick Riordan

Logan Lerman - Percy Jackson
Brandon T. Jackson - Grover
Alexandra Daddario - Annabeth Chase
Jake Abel - Luke
Sean Bean - Zeus
Pierce Brosnan - Mr. Brunner / Chiron
Steve Coogan - Hades
Rosario Dawson - Persephone
Melina Kanakaredes - Athena
Catherine Keener - Sally Jackson
Kevin McKidd - Poseidon
Joe Pantoliano - Gabe Ugliano
Uma Thurman - Medusa
Julian Richings - Ferryman
Bonita Friedericy - Hysterical Woman


Official Website: Official site | Official site Portugal |

Release Date: 12 February 2010

Filming Locations: Mission, British Columbia, Canada

Box Office Details

Budget: $95,000,000 (estimated)

Gross: $88,761,720 (USA) (27 June 2010)

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Did You Know?

In Greek mythology, the goddess Athena is a symbol of virginity. She never had any children.

Revealing mistakes: The woman who is in Auntie Em's Garden Emporium opens her eyes and turns into stone, her hand is resting on Annabeth's arm, but in the next shot, it is closed tightly around it.

[first lines]
Poseidon: Zeus.
Zeus: Poseidon.
Poseidon: It's been many years
Zeus: What do you see?
Poseidon: Thunder clouds.
Zeus: With no lightning. Stolen.

User Review

Chris Columbus should be ashamed!!!!

Rating: 1/10

When this movie first arrived in trailers, I like so many adults, who have become fans through our children was excited. We could overlook Pierce Brosnan playing Chiron which gets both the age and nature of the character wrong. We could overlook the character of Percy obviously being older than the books stated age of twelve, however almost everything else was so far removed from the books that have become so popular including storyline, that this movie should not even be allowed to carry the "based on the books" tag. The characters were completely miscast, the storyline was a weak abominational blend of books one and two..... kind of..!

He (Chris Columbus) invented places for the movie to go that have nothing to do with the story in its origination, he omitted too many details that are so pertinent to the actual storyline that it may be impossible for any new director (and I believe if future films are to take place a new Director IS NECESSARY) to repair the damage that has been done.

For a story that has millions of fans who will be buying tickets to movies for a very long time, this does heavy damage to Chris Columbus's reputation as evidenced by post movie chatter in which most if not all was incredibly negative. Negative both to the movie as a whole and to Chris Columbus personally. Many there seem to believe he did the same to the Potter movies he has been involved with and feel at this point anyway that they will think twice before seeing another movie with his name attached to it. Lets' face it, as one young fan said, "not sticking completely to a Potter book...understandable, they are 1,000 pages each...Not coming close on a book 350 pages long...not forgivable."

So, if you are going to see this movie because of the wonderful scenes in St. Louis, Denver, The Santa Monica pier, or to see his step father get his, etc etc etc etc save your money, they are not in there. Neither is Clarissa, Lukes scar, Mr. D, Aries, Kronos, and so on. If you would like to see a movie that completely rewrites the creation of Rick Riordan, then by all means, spend your money on a mildly entertaining theft of a wonderful idea.

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