3 Idiots

December 24th, 2009

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3 Idiots

3 Idiots3 Idiots3 Idiots3 IdiotsStill of Aamir Khan in 3 IdiotsStill of Aamir Khan in 3 Idiots

Two friends embark on a quest for a lost buddy. On this journey, they encounter a long forgotten bet, a wedding they must crash, and a funeral that goes impossibly out of control.

Release Year: 2009

Rating: 8.2/10 (31,723 voted)

Critic's Score: 67/100

Director: Rajkumar Hirani

Stars: Aamir Khan, Madhavan, Mona Singh

Farhan Qureshi and Raju Rastogi want to re-unite with their fellow collegian, Rancho, after faking a stroke abroad an Air India plane, and excusing himself from his wife - trouser less - respectively. Enroute, they encounter another student, Chatur Ramalingam, now a successful businessman, who reminds them of a bet they had undertaken 10 years ago. The trio, while recollecting hilarious antics, including their run-ins with the Dean of Delhi's Imperial College of Engineering, Viru Sahastrabudhe, race to locate Rancho, at his last known address - little knowing the secret that was kept from them all this time.

Writers: Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Rajkumar Hirani

Aamir Khan - 'Rancho' Shamaldas Chanchad / Phunsukh Wangdu
Kareena Kapoor - Pia
Madhavan - Farhan Qureshi
Boman Irani - Viru Sahastrabudhhe
Omi Vaidya - Chatur 'Silencer' Ramalingam
Sharman Joshi - Raju Rastogi
Rajeev Ravindranathan - Lead Ragging Senior
Mona Singh - Mona
Javed Jaffrey - Ranchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad (as Jaaved Jaaferi)
Akhil Mishra - Librarian Dubey
Ali Fazal - Joy Lobo
Pitobash - Junior 1
Parikshat Sahni - Mr. Qureshi (as Parikshit Sahani)
Dushyant Wagh - Centimetre
Chandrashekhar - Airlines Ground Staff 2


Official Website: Official site |

Release Date: 24 December 2009

Filming Locations: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Opening Weekend: $1,645,502 (USA) (27 December 2009) (119 Screens)

Gross: $80,000,000 (Worldwide) (7 March 2010)

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Did You Know?

Known for preparing for every role that he signs, actor Aamir Khan was avoiding eating his own birthday cake. When asked why, he said "I am surviving on milk and few bananas as I have been asked to lose weight for the role."

Continuity: In the wedding scene, where the 3 guys are shocked looking at Virus, Madhvan is shown to be frozen in time. But his expressions change in one frame and then roll back to the previous expression.

Rancho: Pursue excellence, and success will follow, pants down.

User Review

Aal izz very, very, very, very, very Well

Rating: 9/10

"Whatever the problem in life is... just say to yourself 'Aal Izz Well'.. This wont solve your problems but it will give the courage to face it.." "Chase Excellence and success will follow".. " Life is not about getting marks, grades but chasing your dreams".. These are the golden rules which 3 IDIOTS teaches you in a very light and entertaining way.. The movie makes you laugh and in the process you learn many golden rules which can alter your life in a big manner...

3 actors from the path-breaking blockbuster RANG DE BASANTI( Aamir, Sharman, Madhvan) team up together with Rajkumar Hirani.. It couldn't get bigger! Loosely based on blockbuster novel ' Five Point Someone ' by Chetan Bhagat the movie deals with the present education system in India that whether getting more marks and better grades is better than gaining knowledge and is mugging up everything more useful than understanding it..

The movie has many hilarious scenes and everyone in the film form Aamir to Boman Irani to Omi Vaidya were superb in their roles.. Aamir has outdone himself.. Never in the film he has looked 44 year old... Film's music sounds mediocre but when viewed on the screen then the music sounds perfect.. Cinematography is awesome and so is the direction.. Raju Hirani's screenplay(you can easily ignore a few loose points) is a masterpiece and the film will achieve cult status for engineering students in a short period of time.. It has the soul which Five Point Someone had.. It is easily Aamir Khan's finest film to date.. The film's climax is fantabulous and is a shocker.. It takes everyone by surprise...

To conclude 3 IDIOTS has the potential to break all records and sweep all awards.. Watch it... You will Love it...

My Rating: 9/10

Thanks and Regards

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