February 18th, 2005

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Still of Gavin Rossdale in ConstantineStill of Keanu Reeves in ConstantineStill of Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz in ConstantineStill of Rachel Weisz in ConstantineStill of Keanu Reeves and Tilda Swinton in ConstantineStill of Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz in Constantine

Constantine tells the story of irreverent supernatural detective John Constantine, who has literally been to hell and back.

Release Year: 2005

Rating: 6.7/10 (110,724 voted)

Critic's Score: 50/100

Director: Francis Lawrence

Stars: Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz, Djimon Hounsou

John Constantine is approached by Det. Angela Dodson who needs his help to prove that her twin sister Isabel's death was not a suicide. The dead woman was a devout Catholic and Angela refuses to accept that she would have taken her own life. She's asked Constantine for help because he has a reputation for dealing with the mystical. In fact, he is a demon hunter whose sole purpose on Earth is to send demons back to the nether regions. John himself has been to Hell - as a young man he too committed suicide and now knows that he is destined to return there on his death - but hopes that his good deeds may somehow find him a place in Heaven. As he looks into Isabel's death, he realizes that demons are trying to break through to the human world and his battles lead him into a direct conflict with Satan.

Writers: Jamie Delano, Garth Ennis

Keanu Reeves - John Constantine
Rachel Weisz - Angela Dodson / Isabel Dodson
Shia LaBeouf - Chas Kramer
Djimon Hounsou - Midnite
Max Baker - Beeman
Pruitt Taylor Vince - Father Hennessy
Gavin Rossdale - Balthazar
Tilda Swinton - Gabriel
Peter Stormare - Satan
Jesse Ramirez - Scavenger
José Zúñiga - Detective Weiss (as Jose Zuniga)
Francis Guinan - Father Garret
Larry Cedar - Vermin Man
April Grace - Dr. Leslie Archer
Suzanne Whang - Mother

Taglines: Hell wants him. Heaven won't take him. Earth needs him.


Official Website: Warner Bros. | Warner Bros. [Brazil] |

Release Date: 18 February 2005

Filming Locations: Angeles Abbey Memorial Park - 1515 E. Compton Blvd., Compton, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $100,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $33,624,407 (USA) (20 February 2005) (3006 Screens)

Gross: $230,884,728 (Worldwide) (8 January 2006)

Technical Specs


Did You Know?

The original title, Hellblazer, was changed because it was too similar to Hellboy. The movies were scheduled to be released within a short space of time between them and it was decided that having such similar titles would hurt the sales of tickets. Therefore Hellblazer was changed to Constantine.

Continuity: John gets his weapon from Gabriel and points it upwards. In the next shot he has it pointing at Gabriel.

[first lines]
Scavenger #2: Manuel.
[Scavenger continues to walk away in a trance]
Scavenger #2: Manuel!

User Review

See it! You won't be sorry!

Rating: 9/10

"Constantine" is a dark, yet dazzling film. A terrific story backed up by spectacular special effects and great cinematography pull us into a dark and dangerous world - a world where half-angels and half-demons whisper to us mortals as God and Satan use us as pawns in an apocalyptic game of chess. Cursed with ability too see these spirits, John Constantine finds himself right in the middle of this showdown.

Keanu Reeves gives a fantastic turn as John Constantine. He infuses Constantine with a grim sense of purpose and dark humor. He is the ultimate anti-hero, and Reeves deftly takes Constantine from being someone we simply root for to someone we actually like and respect.

Rachel Weisz is terrific as well. Her tortured and soulful performance is the best of the film. Shia LaBeouf also blew me away.

I have not read the Hellblazer comics, but standing alone "Constantine" is a great film. This one is a must see!

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