True Lies

July 15th, 1994

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True Lies

Still of James Cameron, Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger in True LiesStill of James Cameron in True LiesArnold Schwarzenegger in True Lies

Harry Tasker is a secret agent for the United States Government. For years, he has kept his job from his wife, but is forced to reveal his identity and try to stop nuclear terrorists when he and his wife are kidnapped by the terrorists.

Release Year: 1994

Rating: 7.2/10 (103,062 voted)

Critic's Score: 63/100

Director: James Cameron

Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Arnold

Harry Tasker leads a double life. At work he is a government agent with a license to do just about anything, while at home he pretends to be a dull computer salesman. He is on the trail of stolen nuclear weapons that are in the hands of fanatic terrorists when something more important comes up. Harry finds his wife is seeing another man because she needs some adventure in her life. Harry decides to give it to her, juggling pursuit of terrorists on one hand and an adventure for his wife on the other while showing he can Tango all at once.

Writers: Claude Zidi, Simon Michaël

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Harry Tasker
Jamie Lee Curtis - Helen Tasker
Tom Arnold - Albert Gibson
Bill Paxton - Simon
Tia Carrere - Juno Skinner
Art Malik - Salim Abu Aziz
Eliza Dushku - Dana Tasker
Grant Heslov - Faisil
Charlton Heston - Spencer Trilby
Marshall Manesh - Jamal Khaled
James Allen - Colonel
Dieter Rauter - Boathouse Guard (as Deiter Rauter)
Jane Morris - Janice
Katsy Chappell - Allison
Crystina Wyler - Charlene

Taglines: When he said I do, he never said what he did.

Release Date: 15 July 1994

Filming Locations: Alverno High School - 200 North Michillinda Avenue, Sierra Madre, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $115,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $25,900,000 (USA) (17 July 1994)

Gross: $364,300,000 (Worldwide)

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Did You Know?

At one point in the film, Tasker (Arnold Schwarzenegger) uses a Mk II hand grenade to kill several terrorists. For those wondering where this grenade came from, it was originally in the script that Juno put a grenade between Helen's legs, saying all she has to do is keep her legs closed, which Helen remarks is a problem Juno seems to have. When the two escape, Harry re-pinned the grenade using Helens diamond earring for use again later. They cut this scene out of the film, causing this grenade's presence to be a continuity error, however the scene remains in the novelization by Dewey Gram and Duane Dell'Amico. This grenade, complete with the earring in place of the pin, is prominently visible on many of the posters for the movie and on the region 2 DVD cover.

Factual errors: When speaking about the warhead, the movie refers to it as being composed of "14.5 kilograms of uranium with a plutonium trigger." The only uranium nuclear weapon made was made by the United States ("Little Boy") whereas all other nuclear weapons are based on a plutonium pit of fissile material, uranium is only used for the reflector. In either case, the "trigger" is made of conventional high-explosives which force an implosion of the fissile material to start the nuclear chain reaction.

[to Dana, who's wearing a helmet]
Gib: Yeah, I remember the first time I got shot out of a cannon.

User Review

This is how an action movie should be like!

Rating: 10/10

Biggest problem with most action movies is that they take themselves way too serious. "True Lies" is mainly fun and entertaining and on top of that, the action is top class!

Finally a movie of which I can say: "Budget well spend!" The action really jumps off the screen but it never feels overdone or forced, which is thanks to action-director veteran James Cameron. He should stick to directing action movies like this, the Terminator movies and "Aliens". Please no more movies like "Titanic"! (not that it was a VERY bad movie) Stick to were your talent lies.

The movie can be described as an American James Bond, meaning that everything is bigger and I'm not just talking about Arnie's chest. Just like the James Bond movies, it doesn't take itself seriously without making itself ridiculous.

Many people seem to have problems with the whole "wife side track, story-line" I guess I'm one of the few that doesn't mind it at all and actually find it an extra addition to the story.

The movie has everything a good action movie need: A believable action hero, explosions, chases, gun fights, a stereotype villain and a high entertainment value.

I wish more action movies like this would be made.


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